2 Signs Your Car Wheels Are Severely Out of Alignment

8 October 2020
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Lately, while driving, you may have noticed that you struggle a little bit while turning your steering wheel to make a turn. Or, you may have noticed that the tread on the outside edges of your tires is wearing down fast. If so, your car's wheels are most likely out of alignment.

If you do not have the alignment fixed soon, it will only get worse, which will cause an extreme misalignment that can cause faster tread wear and even damage to the car's undercarriage. Keep a lookout for the following signs that the wheels are already severely out of alignment.

1.  Keeping the Steering Wheel Straight While Driving Straight Is Impossible

When your wheels are out of alignment, you may already feel as though you have to keep the steering wheel at an angle to drive straight ahead. However, as the problem gets worse, you may find that you have to keep the steering wheel turned at a sharp angle to even remotely drive in a straight line.

If the wheels are severely misaligned, they will knock other parts of the undercarriage out of alignment as well. The axles, drive train, and steering column will no longer work easily in unison. You will have to fight the steering wheel to keep them working so that they send the signal for the tires to either turn or remain straight.

2.  Car Violently Shakes Whenever You Turn the Steering Wheel

Another sign that your wheels are grossly out of alignment and need to be straightened is that you will notice a violent shaking whenever you try to make a turn while driving. In minor cases, you may feel a slight vibration as the tires fight through the crooked alignment. However, as the problem worsens, the wheels will have to fight harder, and they will start to shake as they attempt to remain straight or make a turn. This will send the strong vibrations up through the steering column, making it even harder for you to keep control of your car.

If your car is showing signs of severe misalignment, you need to get the problem resolved before the condition creates undue wear and tear on your tires as well as problems with the wheels, brakes, and axles. Take your car to an automotive shop that offers wheel alignment services so that they can bring the wheels back into alignment as well as assess any damage that has already been caused so that it can be fixed.