Restoring The Paint On Your Car To Factory Condition After A Collision

25 July 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


There are a lot of people out on the road every day, and at some point in your life, it is possible that you will be involved in a collision or accident with another car. The damage to your car will need to be repaired, but getting it back to that perfect factory paint job takes some effort, knowledge, and the proper tools. When you are ready to have your car repaired, there are a few things you might want to consider.

Selecting An Auto Body Shop

When you are ready to have your car or truck repaired after a collision or accident, you should consider more than one shop to do the work. Getting estimates from three repair shops is a good idea and might even be required by your insurance company. Keep in mind that the lowest price does not always mean the best price. Search for reviews or talk to people that have used the shop before to get an idea of the quality you can expect from them before selecting them to do the job.

Working With The Body Shop You Select

Once you choose an auto body shop to work with, you should find out who will be doing the work on your car and talk with them about what you are looking for from the repair. If you want or need something special done, ask about it before the work starts so that the repair tech can plan for it. Waiting until the work has already been started may mean doing some part of the work over and could run the cost up, delay the completion of the work, and may not be covered by the insurance company if they are paying for the work.

Inspecting The Finished Product

When your car or truck has been completed, take the time to look it over before you leave the shop. It is okay to be critical and precise about what is acceptable and what isn't. If the job was not done to your expectations, take the time to talk to the shop manager or owner about what you are not happy with. Take the time to look at the fit of new panels, the paint match on the repaired area, and the quality of the repair. If it was done properly, you should not be able to tell what was repaired on the car. If all these things meet your approval, all that is left to do is pay the bill and enjoy your newly repaired car.