Effective Advertising With Vehicle Wraps

31 January 2014
 Categories: Automotive, Articles


When you start a business, one of your most pressing needs will be to find effect ways to market your company, products, or services. This can be a mind-boggling undertaking for a new company. Newspaper advertising isn't nearly effective today as it was just a decade ago because readership has dropped significantly because the Internet keeps pace with the latest news so much better. Television commercials are very expensive, and it is difficult to know whether you are reaching your target market. Business cards and direct mail advertising also present significant limitations, and you will never grow your business on just the strength of promotional product giveaways. Once your business is established, you will have an even greater need to promote your brand and build customer loyalty. American citizens spend more time in their cars today that at any other time in the past. As a result, your decision to advertise using Minneapolis MN vehicle wraps will be one of the most effective marketing strategies you can choose. A wrapped vehicle will passively advertise your company and its services every time you leave it in a parking lot or drive it on the local streets and highways. Reliable estimates calculate that between 30,000 and 70,000 people will see a wrapped car, truck, or SUV every day. The beauty of these numbers is that once a wrap is on your vehicle, you won't need to actively pursue customers again. Nearly every resident living in the Minneapolis region spends at least some of his or her time on the road. If your vehicle is kept in a conspicuous place or driven in traffic every day, you will reach thousands of people you could never afford to target through traditional forms of advertising. Name recognition for your company will become widespread with very little effort on your part. Motorists might not require your company or its services at the time they first see your wrapped vehicle, but if they see it often enough, they will eventually turn to you when their needs change. Before a vehicle wrap can work in your favor, you need to come up with a good design and a memorable color palette as you have seen on sites like http://www.wrapcitygraphics.com. The colors should stand out vividly when the vehicle is on the public roads, and the lettering and graphics should be crisp. If you have access to a graphic designer, you can develop your own logo and wrap layout. Otherwise, you can choose a local wrap company that offers the services of a designer from its staff. If you develop your own design, you will still need to schedule a consultation with a representative from the auto wrap company. The images in your design must be high definition because they will be reproduced in massive detail and size. The actual process of applying the wrap to your vehicle usually takes just one day. Some companies require you to leave the vehicle in their garage while the wrap is applied, but others can perform the work anywhere you keep the car. They will come to your home or place of business if convenience and time are important factors. One of the most remarkable things to remember about vehicle wraps is that they typically last for about five years. It would be rare to expect such longevity from other forms of outdoor signage. If your advertising needs change at any time, the original wrap can be removed very easily, and a new design can be installed in its place. One-year warranties are the norm for many companies, but you can also find many excellent wrap businesses that offer warranties of three and even five years. Once your wrap is installed and has cured for a day or two, you can resume washing the vehicle as you always have.