3 Things To Do When Choosing Used Fleet Trucks To Invest In For Your Business

17 February 2022
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Buying used fleet trucks can help save your business money without sacrificing reliability and performance. Here are a few things you should do when choosing used fleet trucks to invest your company's money in that should help provide you with peace of mind:

Request Historical Records

One important thing you should do when choosing used fleet trucks to buy for your business is request historical records for each individual prospective vehicle. Hopefully, the dealer you are working with has acquired records from the previous owner and has maintained records of anything they have done to the vehicle since having it in their possession. Records for maintenance, repairs, and part replacements during the life of the fleet truck in question should be available.

Your dealer may even be able to provide you with towing records and information about things like how many people or businesses have owned the truck before now. Understanding the history of any fleet truck you think about buying will give you good understanding of how well the vehicle was taken care of and how much work you might have to put into it to keep it running in the coming years.

Schedule Test Drives for Your Employees

It's a good idea to schedule test drives for all your employees who will be operating the used fleet trucks you plan to invest in for your business. They are the ones who will need to feel comfortable, safe, and confident behind the wheel, and they should have a say about which prospective trucks you should ultimately spend your company's money on.

Ask the dealer you are working with to allow employees to test drive each truck for a day so that they can get a feel for how the trucks perform and how safe and productive they feel when behind the wheel. They can then provide their feedback to help you narrow down the options and decide which used trucks to add to your company's fleet.

Inquire About Ongoing Maintenance Options

You should also ask your dealer about ongoing maintenance options that are available to you through their organization. Some dealers offer free tune ups and oil changes for a certain amount of time after making a purchase, while others offer discounts on such services. Some dealers offer maintenance plans which will take care of all maintenance tasks throughout the year for one predetermined fee. If your dealer does not offer any maintenance options, they should be able to refer you to a service provider like Arrow Truck Sales that has experience working with the types of fleet trucks you end up investing in.