Tips for Shopping as a First-Time Motorcycle Buyer

4 June 2021
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


True motorcycle enthusiasts and more casual riders prefer a variety of manufacturer brands, but one factor is certain for nearly everyone. The main reason to buy a motorcycle is that riding is fun. A second reason is for keeping gas costs down on short trips. Folks looking to buy one of these sporty vehicles might consider stopping at a Harley-Davidson dealership to see what fits into their price range. 

1. Research Manufacturer Innovations

Motorcycle manufacturers have made significant innovations over the years so that their products appeal to any consumer in the market for a bike. Shoppers can buy a stripped-down model that's essentially a dirt bike but is still street legal. On the opposite end of the spectrum are the three-wheeled models. Those aren't nearly as popular as the traditional designs, especially because the driver can't experience the sensation of leaning while rounding a curve. Nevertheless, these sturdier bikes appeal to individuals who don't feel entirely confident on two-wheeled versions.

2. Consider Traditional Choices

Along with these choices are the ones that most consumers prefer, from relatively small but durable lightweight bikes to large touring models. Middleweight motorcycles tend to appeal to the majority of riders. It can be a compromise for men and women who like the bigger touring bikes but don't feel comfortable trying to manage something that heavy.

3. Start Small

Many people who have never owned a motorcycle would rather start with a smaller model and perhaps progress to a bigger version later. They don't want riding to be too challenging when just getting started. They might look for an affordable used motorcycle in excellent condition and then learn whether they really enjoy the lifestyle. 

Eventually, when a motorcycle owner has gained substantial experience and loves being out on the open road, it might be time to shop for a more upscale ride. A new bike might be on the wish list at this point. The rider starts planning longer trips and takes the motorcycle out whenever he or she can. 

4. Take a Test Drive

Motorcycle dealerships have varying policies on test driving. Some allow shoppers to test drive used bikes but not new ones. Others allow any motorcycle to go out on a test drive if an employee rides along. Prospective buyers might want to check the website for information or give the dealer a call. That way, they'll know what to expect upon arrival.